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My Therapeutic Approach

I am an Integrative therapist, drawing from different therapies to create a dynamic, holistic approach which works well for people experiencing a range of difficulties. My approach to the therapeutic process is influenced by Gestalt Therapy. I use Psychodynamic concepts to understand a person’s difficulties.  I offer a talking therapy and at times I may incorporate psychological education and creative experimentation to support our work together. You can read more about the concepts and methodology which make up my therapeutic approach below.


"Awareness is like the glow of coal which comes from its own combustion" PHG (1951)

Awareness is the spontaneous sensing of what arises within you. It is not the same as introspection, where the ego is involved, it is not judging, not controlling, nor correcting. It is noticing. Through habitual behaviors and societal pressures we have learnt to dull our senses and shut things out. I will help you foster a sense of awareness in the present moment. Developing your awareness can assist you in navigating many of life's difficult moments. Only with awareness can feelings be fully experienced and coped with in the moment, these feelings can then melt into the background of your experience. Awareness is a central aim in Gestalt Therapy and the concept came from Zen Buddhism and Taoism and is similar to Mindfulness which has become very popular today. You will find some personal recommendations and resources for building awareness outside of therapy in the resources section of this website. (coming soon)


"Things change as they are discovered"  Joel Latner


"We are only as needy as our unmet need" John Bowlby

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My Working Hours

Online Tuesday -Friday

8am - 8pm

Axminster in-person on Tuesdays

9am - 3pm

Exeter in-person on Thursday

8am – 8 pm

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